The fight for net neutrality

Daily protest at the FCC in support of net neutrality

I was worried that people did not understand the importance of maintaining net neutrality. I assumed that the fight would be taken up by techies and no one else. I was wrong, gloriously wrong!

The FCC can’t handle all the net neutrality calls it’s getting, urges people to write emails instead

The Federal Communications Commission would rather read your thoughts about net neutrality than hear about them. Columbia Law School professor and leading net neutrality activist Tim Wu points out that calling the FCC’s main consumer hotline will give you a message that asks you to write an email to the commission if you’re calling about FCC chairman Tom Wheeler’s controversial net neutrality plans. This seemingly indicates that either the FCC is being flooded with calls about net neutrality that its operators can’t handle them all or it just is tired of hearing everyone call about net neutrality and would like to see them send emails instead. Either way, it looks as though people are speaking up about the issue.

FCC’s Tom Wheeler Says He’ll Ask For Public Comment On Whether It’s Appropriate To Reclassify Broadband

I will believe it when I see it, but reclassifying broadband providers as common carriers would solve the problem of jurisdiction and give the FCC the authority to enforce net neutrality. In the meantime, some companies have gotten creative in how they make their point:
Web host gives FCC a 28.8Kbps slow lane in net neutrality protest
Dan Gillmor suggests an Internet wide slow down.

Robert McMillan explains how we got here.

There is a petition at Maintain true net neutrality to protect the freedom of information in the United States and another one to remove Tom Wheeler from his position as FCC Chairman.

Consumerist has some tips about contacting the FCC.

We can win this, the cards are stacked against us, but if we persevere, we can win this.

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